"Zap! You're Old" is the 62nd episode of the series and the 5th(b) of Season 3 of Robotboy. In this episode, when the gang are playing gun-water-war Constantine uses Kamikazi's newest weapon that can make things become older. He manage to zap at Lola, Gus and Robotboy but luckily not to Tommy.





  • Only Robotboy, Lola, Gus, Dr. Kamikazi and Donnie were affected by the aging-gun. Though for Robotboy he only become as a very old model, Lola and Gus were aging for every minutes, similar to Robotboy for Dr. Kamikazi he already came to an age of a very old man and lastly for Donnie he became a little baby thanks to the aging gun aimed with youth to make things younger.
  • When Tommy, Lola and Gus are playing in the park with their water guns, Gus and Lola hide behind a mailbox. On the mailbox we see advertising posters with pictures of Brian the Consultant and Kurt's Father dressed in his clown costume from the episode Party Out Of Bounds. The same mailbox with the same posters and the same location appears again in Everybody Loves Grandma.

In other languages

Int. Language Int. Title Translation
Dutch Flits! Je bent oud Zap! You're Old

Coup de vieux

Getting Old
German Peng! Und alt bist du! Zap! And you are old!
Spanish Zap!, Tu eres viejo Zap! You're old


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Zap! You're Old